The world’s first Ex-certified safety coupling for encoders: HK(D)S Ex

Our new system solution consists of the proven incremental encoder FG 40 Ex and the new safety coupling HK(D)S Ex. They are suitable for speed measurements in Ex zones 1 and 2 (gas) as well as 21 and 22 (dust). Once again the innovation leader Hübner Giessen is setting new industry standards.

It has been verified successfully that the coupling series HK(D)S Ex complies with the standards DIN EN ISO 80079-36 / -37 applicable to the ATEX system. In addition, a corresponding IECEx certification is available.

The new couplings are available as single joint (HKS Ex) and double joint (HKDS Ex) versions. Bores from 8-22 mm and overall lengths between 36-120 mm ensure they cater for a broad spectrum of applications. We are also able to design and supply special sizes according to agreed specifications.

The couplings are particularly robust, play-free and torsion-resistant; consequently, they increase the lifetime of encoders operating in even the toughest of conditions.

The form-fit shaft-hub connection ensures HK(D)S Ex safety couplings offer a high level of reliability, even when subject to alternating dynamic loads. Furthermore, they offer full failsafe reliability. Even if a spring washer should fracture (for example, due to overload) the safety claws ensure the system can continue in use.

The encoder FG 40 Ex belonging to the system solution is optionally available with a single or dual signal output for signal types HTL, TTL or sin/cos. It is also possible to combine two different output signals. For example, it is possible to use an incremental HTL signal for motor control purposes, while using a sin/cos signal in conjunction with an overspeed monitor or a fail-safe control system to implement safe speed monitoring (SLS: Safely-Limited Speed or SSM: Safe Speed Monitoring).

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