It’s your choice: Incremental encoder FG(HJ) 2 now with freely selectable pulse rates

Robust standard that packs a punch: The FG(HJ) 2 incremental encoders are our solutions for standard drives and normal ambient conditions. With the FG(HJ) 2 AKK option, two pulse rates can now be freely selected. This allows to customize the encoders even more individually and offers extra application flexibility.

New option with redundancy and flexibility

The FG(HJ) 2 AKK incremental encoder offers two redundant incremental signals with two different pulse rates in one device. The special feature is that the pulse rates can be freely set ex-works between 1 and 2,048 ppr and can thus be adapted as required. FG(HJ) 2 AKK is either available with HTL or TTL output signals and is equipped with a terminal strip as standard.

FG(HJ) 2 encoder: robust and reliable

Our FG 2 (solid shaft) and FGHJ 2 (hollow shaft) incremental encoders are used wherever speeds of secondary, auxiliary, and standard drives need to be measured reliably and with high accuracy under normal ambient conditions. The encoders are shock- and vibration-proof, and thanks to the IP66 degree of protection also dust- and splash-proof. Additionally, they are designed in seawater-resistant aluminum. This means, they offer state-of-the-art electronics with high EMI immunity in a robust housing. Thanks to their increased dielectric strength of up to 3 kV, they are also suitable for direct mounting on inverter-controlled motors. With short delivery times and a very good price/performance ratio, the FG(HJ) 2 are also an attractive solution for replacing encoders from other manufacturers.

Find out more on our product page about our FG(HJ) 2 incremental encoders. Our sales team will also be happy to advise you on the new FG(HJ) 2 AKK option with freely selectable pulse rates. Please contact us:

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