Why complicate matters when you can keep it simple?

Encoders with a plug-in connection make your life easier.

Have you ever thought about just how useful connectors are in our daily lives? They make it possible for us to get electrical devices up and running – no matter where they are installed and independent of permanent cabling. At Hübner Giessen we asked ourselves why that should not also apply to heavy duty encoders. And we came up with an answer: Our incremental encoders FG(HJ) 2 with ITT Cannon plug-in connection solution.

This design approach enables us to make you even more flexible, because in contrast to cables permanently terminated in a terminal box you save both time and money during the initial installation as well as reducing costs associated with possible downtimes in the event a device needs replacing.

A distinguishing feature of Cannon connectors from ITT in comparison with other circular connectors is their bayonet coupling system, which reliably prevents unwanted disconnection events. As a consequence the plug-in connection is extremely robust and capable of withstanding extreme ambient conditions including temperature fluctuations, shock and vibration loads, oil, salt water, dust and dirt – making them ideal for deployment in the fields of heavy duty applications. And you also stay flexible when it comes to ordering: You are able to order either the sensor with Cannon junction box or the sensor with an additional mating connector set in case there is no mating connector available on site.

Below we offer an overview of the advantages of the mating connector set with a 90° circular connector (ITT Cannon) and EMC cable gland (connection thread PG 16):

  • Efficient strain relief for shielded cables from ø 6.5-9.5 mm
  • Reliably shielded connection (shielding ø 3.0-8.0 mm)
  • EMC shielding
  • Contacts in the connection are crimped instead of soldered (no risk of vibrations causing them to break)
  • Mated connection rated to protection class IP67
  • Upper part of the mating connector adjustable (versatile cable routing)

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