Spare parts: securing operations despite bottlenecks

Scarce raw materials, interrupted supply chains and transport bottlenecks: Covid-19 is leading to part supply problems in virtually all industrial sectors. Nevertheless, we are able to guarantee the usual availability of our encoder systems and offer technical solutions for all difficulties that occur.

Keeping you operational at all times

Be it a conveyor system used in mining, a crane at a port or a rolling mill in a steelworks, when large equipment fails, it is important to get hold of spare parts as quickly as possible to minimize expensive standstills. As a reliable partner, we guarantee our customers delivery of spare parts for our encoders, motors, generators and accessories at short notice and at all times and therefore ensure the possibility of quick repairs and retrofits.

Reducing components and simplifying procurement

The more different encoders from various manufacturers are used, the more complex and time-consuming it is to procure spare parts. High-performance encoder solutions for flexible use from Hubner Giessen not only improve the performance of your systems but also simplify spare part management by reducing the number of components needed. A Hubner Giessen encoder with two different signal outputs, for example, can replace an incremental encoder and a mechanical overspeed controller. Find out more about our solutions for optimizing spare part management by watching our “Optimizing Spare Parts” video.

Our Engineering Support team is happy to answer any questions you may have concerning spare part management and system optimization.

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