Sometimes, you just need to keep it simple. The electronic overspeed switch EGS(HJ) 2.

A Swiss pocket knife can be practical. However, if you just need a knife to peel an apple now and again you really can do without a can opener, nail file, saw and corkscrew. In other words, it is good if you can fine tune your solutions to suit your needs.

And that mirrors precisely the philosophy we practice at Johannes Hübner Giessen. We not only offer products for complex applications, we also provide precisely the right solutions for basic applications.

Designed for basic monitoring of overspeeds or standstill in applications requiring just a single switching output, the electronic overspeed switch EGS(HJ) 2 is a perfect example of our philosophy. This can be deployed either to monitor for overspeed events or ensure standstill requirements are maintained; what is more, the module is preset ex works to your desired switching point. There is no need to configure parameters. You benefit from an optimum price-performance ratio and a solution that precisely fulfils your requirements without additional (unneeded) functions. The EGS 2 not only offers a high level of switching accuracy even at low speeds, it is also suitable for high switching frequencies.

Moreover, in addition to non-wearing semi-conductor switches and a rugged, salt-water proof aluminium housing further compelling features of the EGS 2 include a long service life and high levels of reliability. This is further underlined by a variety of hollow shaft diameters with insulated ball bearings that guarantee high resistance to shock and vibration.

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