New replacement solution for DC tacho generators. Hübner Giessen offers spare part inquiries service – worldwide.

Any company that has realized thousands of applications in heavy industry in all continents of the world, has earned worldwide recognition for producing prototypes and has 80 years of expertise in the development of motors and generators under its belt is equally capable of turning any challenge it faces into an opportunity. For example, the production of tacho generators built to special dimensions including a custom flange or a custom shaft.

So that is why we are now able to offer you a replacement solution for spare part inquiries regarding DC tacho generators. For the tacho types APY and FAPY primarily sold in the USA but used across the globe we have developed a simple replacement solution for the B5 series APY 50, APY 100 (flange) and B3 series FAPY 50 and FAPY 100 (foot) with the same mating dimensions (in inches).

We have summarized comprehensive information and further technical details for you to view in our flyer.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in this solution. We will gladly advise you personally or supply you with the replacement type without further ado. Please address your inquiries to Hübner Giessen or to one of our local partners.

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