Case study: more personnel protection in a rolling mill

Applications at industrial facilities involve huge risks of injury both during normal operations and when it comes to maintenance. To minimize these risks as much as possible, the strict personnel protection regulations of machinery directives must be observed. The new Hübner Giessen case study shows how personnel protection can be ideally implemented in a rolling mill in accordance with the applicable standards.

An extra task for encoders

In a rolling mill, encoders are one of the standard components in the main drives of rollers and coilers. Their main task is to ensure precise speed regulation. Nevertheless, there are situations in which a simple encoder is not enough, for example when the operating condition of the system is changed for maintenance work and its operators therefore require special protection.

Safe integration of a safety specialist

For these special cases, for example Safely-Limited Speed, Hübner Giessen offers solutions to accompany the speed switch such as an additional overspeed switch with extra safety functions and SIL 2 / PL d safety certification. The case study, “Rolling mills / Main drives: Electronic overspeed switch EGS 41 ensures safe rolling mill operations”, reveals how such an overspeed switch can be optimally integrated into the main drive of a rolling mill.

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