Case Study: New encoder mountings for old main drives in a rolling mill

They keep on running and running and running: Main drives in hot and cold rolling works are usually extremely robust and durable. When precision and speed requirements become more demanding, it is essential to modernize control systems, including encoder technology. The Hübner Giessen product range offers a variety of solutions to meet this need, as our new Case Study demonstrates.

Making old systems fit for the job

Do you need better data quality, more flexibility in speed measurement or a required safety certification? In the case of old main drives in rolling mills, encoder mountings often need to be expanded or updated to adapt the system in line with changing circumstances. Customers then require a modernization solution that is as simple and efficient as possible and pays for itself.

Modernization from a single source

Hübner Giessen offers a multitude of modernization solutions to meet these requirements. These solutions expand the possibilities of encoder technology and can be implemented with little effort, for example by using integrated mounted flanges. You can find out more about our modernization solutions and the advice provided by our Engineering Support team in our Case Study on “Hot and cold rolling mills/main drives: modernizing existing incremental encoder mountings”. 

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