Hübner Giessen increasing simplicity. Boot loader function facilitates on site updates.

Actually, it is quite easy: the more user-friendly we make our products the more we keep our customers’ options open. And we see that as an essential part of our mission. To achieve that goal we are happy to go the famous “extra mile”, to face the challenge every day of turning problems into solutions.

It was precisely this motivation that laid the groundwork for us to create the brand-new boot loader function as an extension to our successful universal encoder system U-ONE and U-ONE-SAFETY as well as the electronic position switch ERC 40. That will make firmware updates significantly easier, because the extension will make possible user-friendly updates on site. And as a consequence, disassembling the device and returning it to the manufacturer is a thing of the past. Make your maintenance and update tasks a lot easier, contact us. The boot loader function will be available as of the mid July 2018. And we would be more than happy to offer you detailed information as of now.

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