From Venezuela to Germany: Hübner welcomes the return of Ronald Rebien, an experienced sales specialist

Ronald Rebien is already very familiar with the town of Giessen and the company Johannes Hübner. In fact, the Venezuelan with German roots already worked for Hübner Giessen back between 1993 and 1999. After more than 20 years in Venezuela, he returned to Germany to strengthen the Hübner team in September 2021.

Back to the roots

Hübner Giessen is delighted to welcome Rebien, an experienced electronics and sales specialist, back to the team. Rebien completed his training as an industrial electronics engineer at Hübner Giessen back in the 1990s and went on to work in the company’s Electronics department for several years. After returning to Venezuela, he was a representative for Johannes Hübner products for a long period of time. In 2021, he decided to return to both Germany and Hübner Giessen together with his wife and two children. He initially worked in mechanical production before joining the sales team in March 2022. “My former colleagues welcomed me back with open arms,” states Ronald Rebien when asked about his return to the team.

Experience in the heavy-duty industry

After his time in Venezuela, Rebien brought 20 years of experience in selling and marketing Hübner solutions in the heavy-duty industry back to Germany with him. His hometown of Puerto Ordaz in northeast Venezuela is the center of the local steel industry. “I looked after customers in the fields of steel, aluminum, oil and mining and marketed products and solutions from a variety of German companies,” reports Robert Rebien. As a result, he not only has perfect knowledge of solutions from Hübner Giessen but can also make the most of excellent insights into the industry’s markets and demands. What’s more, he can make profitable use of his outstanding language skills in German, English and Spanish in international sales activities.

Motivation and optimism

As you would expect, the return to Germany represents a major challenge for Rebien and his family: “My wife and my children have to learn the language and adapt to a new culture and new customs. I support them in this venture with my optimism and plenty of motivation,” explains Rebien. When it comes to his professional life, he wants to support Hübner Giessen with his multifaceted experience and keep learning new skills and knowledge to continuously improve the quality of services. In his private life, the passionate reader, home cook, and family man is looking forward to seeing his wife and children settle into their new home and grow to love the town on the river Lahn just as much as he does. We wish Ronald Rebien and his family all the best and every success here in Giessen and are happy to support him and his return to the company.

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