At a glance: all couplings now in one catalog

When the ambient conditions are extreme, it’s not just the encoder that needs to be robust. The way in which it is mechanically mounted also plays an essential role in achieving the ideal signal quality. Our new catalog now provides you with a compact overview of all our torsion-resistant couplings for encoders for the first time.


Optimal mounting for optimal performance

Just like the encoder itself, the mounting solution also needs to suit the ambient conditions. On the one hand, it needs to be able to withstand strong loads caused by shock, vibration, temperature, dust and dirt and possibly also offer explosion protection. On the other hand, it must be precisely coordinated with the mounting situation in the system and, for example, compensate for axial or radial backlash and angular offset when the encoder is mounted. The torsion-resistant couplings, adapter disks and intermediate flanges from Hübner Giessen successfully ensure optimal mounting and operation of our incremental and absolute encoders.


Discover our range of couplings

The new catalog presents our entire range of couplings, including our single and double joint couplings for flange or foot mounting, special couplings for encoder installations with functional safety (PL e) and couplings with Ex protection for potentially explosive atmospheres. We additionally offer solutions for encoder mountings with increased displacement or limited installation space and intermediate flanges for mounting solid shaft encoders on machine housing with individually designed flange lengths and mechanical interfaces.


Discover our mounting solutions and all their designs and options now in our “Torsion-resistant couplings for encoders” catalog.

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