Starting an apprenticeship: Nicolas Lukas Ceglarek is training to become an electronics engineer for devices and systems

In 2023, Hübner Giessen has yet again welcomed a new apprentice to the company: On September 1, Nicolas Lukas Ceglarek began his apprenticeship as an electronics engineer for devices and systems at our facility in Giessen. His motivation: to acquire plenty of new skills and knowledge in a profession with a future.


Anticipation and a thirst for knowledge

Nicolas Lukas Ceglarek was already familiar with Hübner Giessen when he sent off his application. In fact, his brother has already completed an apprenticeship at our company and strongly recommended it to him as a solid start to his professional life. The 17-year-old is now looking forward to the next three-and-a-half years, in which he hopes to expand his knowledge and above all learn plenty of new skills and expertise in working with electronics and electricity. Ceglarek is already very pleased with the first few weeks of his apprenticeship: “My colleagues have been a huge help. I was quickly able to find my feet and I feel right at home here.”


A profession for the digital future

Ceglarek is sure to acquire plenty of new knowledge during his time at Hübner Giessen: In his apprenticeship as an electronics engineer for devices and systems, he will learn how electronic devices are developed, tested and commissioned and much more. He will also gain new skills in working with soldering irons, handling measurement and diagnostic procedures, and programming devices and systems. Ceglarek is completing the practical part of his combined vocational education and training at Hübner in Giessen. He is learning the theory at the Theodor-Litt-Berufsschule vocational training college, which is also located in Giessen. Once he has completed his apprenticeship, a multitude of future opportunities will lie before him. After all, over the course of digitalization, electronics engineers for devices and systems are currently the most sought-after qualified experts in the labor market.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Lukas Ceglarek an interesting, varied and successful time here at Huebner Giessen. Welcome to our team!

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