We are helping to create tomorrow’s heroes

As a supportive and committed employer, we are pleased to be able to offer our apprentice Marvin Limbacher a job in his favourite department.

Hübner Giessen is a supportive and committed employer. Apprentices who successfully complete their apprenticeship are as good as certain to be offered a job – and place their foot firmly on the career ladder. Because as a rule, we employ all of our apprentices and, where possible, offer them a job in their favourite department.

As was the case with Marvin Limbacher. During his apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, he got to know at first hand the production and all associated departments. It quickly became clear that sales was his favourite. That is where the 23 year-old now works in-house serving our customers at home and abroad, from drawing up quotes through to delivery. And needless to say, visiting our customers now and again is part and parcel of the job.

There was never any doubt that Marvin would stay on with us after completing his apprenticeship: “The apprenticeship was extremely stimulating and I enjoyed it a great deal. And the people are very nice too. I decided very early that I wanted to remain at Hübner.”

We are training tomorrow’s heroes in the following vocations.

Commercial trades:

  • Industrial clerks
  • IT administrators

Technical trades:

  • Milling machine operators
  • Electronics engineers for devices and systems
  • Electronics engineers for mechanical and systems engineering

IT trades:

  • IT specialists – system integration
  • IT specialists – application development

We place a great deal of value on our apprentices being able to understand the whole company, our processes and our products. That is why they work in all of our department during their apprenticeship.

To learn more about apprenticeships at Hübner Giessen visit our Apprenticeship & Studies page. There you can also read how Marvin Limbacher experienced his time as an apprentice.

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