An update for our acid-resistant encoders: even more options now available!

Not one, but four additional options are now available for our acid-resistant FG(HJ) INOX incremental encoders. As a result, the encoders are even more ideal for speed measurement in aggressive media. These new options feature a heavy-duty base mount, an additional speed switch, the CP cable protection system and signal transmission using FOC technology.

Banishing corrosion

The FG(HJ) INOX encoders in our new series are also as tough as can be. Their extremely acid, alkali and seawater-resistant V4A stainless steel housing keeps corrosion well at bay, even under extreme ambient conditions such as those in offshore applications or the chemical industry. The robust encoders are additionally shock and vibration resistant, as well as dust-tight and resistant to water jets in accordance with IP66.

Top quality as standard

Our new FG(HJ) INOX series is virtually unbeatable, even in its standard version. The encoders use HTL or TTL signal levels to deliver reliable and precise measuring results up to 2,048 pulses per revolution. Their shafts are mounted using an isolated attachment to long-living hybrid ball bearings. They are available with a hollow shaft or solid shaft design as standard options with different shaft diameters.

New options for unbeatable performance

Thanks to these new options, the FG(HJ) INOX encoders now offer unbeatable flexibility and are equipped to meet every demand. For the foot attachment of solid shaft units with a flange, for example on a pedestal, the range now features an aluminum base mount with a black coated surface, which is suitable for heavy-duty use. Units with option S feature an additional speed switch that monitors an individual overspeed – set ex works and requiring no additional programming. Our new tailor-made CP cable protection system with a protection hose, matching cable gland, integrated seal inserts, cable strain relief and the option of a shield connection is the ideal bodyguard for supply and signal lines.

The FOC option for precision and speed

Our new FOC option with an integrated transmitter and matching decoder module for reconverting the optical signals into electrical signals is the ideal solution for extremely fast, high-precision and completely interference-free signal transmission, even in aggressive media and over long transmission distances of up to 1000 m. The FOC option is suitable for HTL or TTL incremental signals and can be fitted with electrical isolation as an optional extra. For maximum safety, monitoring functions are integrated to detect faulty FOC cable connections or cable breaks.

Find out more about our acid-resistant FG(HJ) INOX encoders and their new options now!

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