Promoting regional ideas – what it means in practical terms. How Hübner drives innovation in the region by “Ab Idee OK”

“Ab Idee OK”! That is the name of the funding program Hübner Giessen established for inventors, start-up founders and entrepreneurs to drive innovation. The program supports realizing ideas and solutions while focusing on promoting innovation in the region. At this point we would like to present two projects that were able to put their show on the road with the aid of “Ab idee OK”.

ITWerk Giessen

Many small and medium-size companies cannot afford to employ an IT programmer on a permanent basis. Nevertheless, smaller IT tasks arise from time to time that require the attention of an expert. Against this background, Oliver Rüspeler, one of the Managing Directors at Hübner Giessen, had the idea of a medium-sized company providing a solution for medium-sized companies. That is how ITWerk Giessen came into being as a joint venture between Hübner Giessen and K+S Personaldienstleistungen GmbH, a recruitment and employment agency. The stated goal was to create a pool of experts that would allow companies in the region to choose a suitable specialist at fair and affordable prices.

In the meantime, ITWerk offers customized solutions through to developing software and corresponding individual programming services across the entire spectrum of IT related solutions for SMEs. These include virtualization, cloud architectures, modern Voice over IP solutions, mail server architectures, anti-virus and security solutions as well as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is due to come into force in the very near future.

For “Ab Idee OK” the company recently implemented a virtualization solution, based on which the newly setup Voice over IP telephone system is also operated on the basis of 3CX. A variety of projects have also been implemented for K+S GmbH; these include the launch of a new telephone system, the introduction of an internal ticketing system to improve IT related work processes as well as planning the new infrastructure and implementing the K+S GmbH network environment across all eight branch locations.

Storeplus and youbuyda

Storeplus is a start-up company based in Friedberg. While searching for offices they came into contact with Raumstation3539, who in turn helped them to make contact with “Ab Idee OK”. As we got to know one another, Storeplus were quickly impressed by our support of ideas. Under the umbrella of “Ab Idee OK” since March 2017 the start-up company introduced its latest product ‘youbuyda’ in January 2018.

youbuyda is a search portal that allows customers to research specifically which regional business stock and sell the brand they are looking for. The portal then displays the locations and opening hours of the businesses that stock and sell the desired product or brand. In other words, customers research in comfort online, but make their purchases offline at their local dealer. That adds up to a win-win situation for both the customer and the dealer. The reason is customers can research in comfort online, while regional businesses are able strengthen their online presence and increase customer footfall. With this service the portal combines the convenience of e-commerce with strengthening trade in the region. And that is precisely what “Ab Idee OK” is all about.

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