Welcome our next generation of apprentices!

On 3 August, three new apprentices took their first step along their future career path in different trade apprenticeships at Hübner Giessen. We are pleased that our team has been strengthened and would like to extend a hearty welcome to all three! We see it as both an opportunity and a challenge to train tomorrow’s heroes ourselves. It is especially important in times of crises to offer young people a perspective and for us as a company to set the course for a successful future.

We are pleased to welcome to Giessen the apprentices Felix Platzner (electronics engineer specializing in devices and systems), Dilbin Savas Karaca (milling machine operator) and Julian Mohr (electronics engineer specializing in machine and systems engineering). The start of apprenticeship training this year was somewhat unusual for everybody. No typical handshakes and friendly smiles; instead, social distancing and face coverings were the order of the day. Nevertheless, the three apprentices had a good start to their apprenticeship. The first day was mostly organized by the new “former” apprentices.

Marvin Limbacher (industrial clerk) made a start on Monday morning by presenting the Hübner Giessen range of products and their fields of applications to the trio. After that, Jan-Niclas Pausch, who has just completed his apprenticeship as a milling machine operator, took the new apprentices on a tour of the building and introduced them to each member of staff – all the time while wearing a mask, observing social distancing rules and none of the usual handshakes. The former apprentices were able to recall precisely their first day at Hübner Giessen three years ago and how excited they were. This year it was all the more pleasing as they accompanied their successors on their first day. And it goes without saying that members of the management and the trainers were also delighted to welcome the new arrivals. The day was a perfect success – long may it continue.

We are pleased with the young talent strengthening our team and again wish to extend a heartfelt welcome to Johannes Hübner in Gießen.

For the first time we will be accompanying the new apprentices on their journey via social media, beginning with this year’s start of apprenticeship training. We are present on the platforms LinkedIn, Xing and Facebook – so feel free to subscribe to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

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