Case study: Protecting people with high-precision crane positioning

To minimize the risk of accidents when using coil handling cranes, it is essential that the crane operator is aware of the precise location of the hoist and traversing gear at all times. This information is provided by precise encoder solutions. Our new Case Study presents the Hübner Giessen solution for a coil handling crane with special safety demands.

Safety in rolling mills

Crane systems used in rolling mills usually have to fulfill position-dependent safety function requirements. Control elements often have to comply with Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 in accordance with EN 61508 and Performance Level (PL) e, Category 4 in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1. The encoder solution for such applications therefore not only needs to be extremely precise and robust but must also be able to be integrated into the required security functions quickly and easily.

A solution for hoists and traversing gears

The Hübner engineers decided to opt for the safety-certified AMPNH 41 absolute encoder, which is ideal for use under the tough environmental conditions found in a rolling mill and perfectly meets the functional safety requirements. You can find a detailed report on this solution for determining the position of hoists and traversing gears in the Case Study on “Safe Absolute Encoders for Coil Handling Cranes”.

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