Service request

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. Your details will be transmitted in an encrypted format (SSL).


The six-digit serial number of your device is located on the name plate (example: S/N 123456).

Please return the device in question to us at our address in Giessen for testing/repair.

We will provide you with information about the returned device following a commercial review / technical test. Depending on your answer we will either draw up a report, repair the device or return the device to you or even dispose of the device.

Together with your repair order please provide a concise fault description and state your name and the details of a contact person able to answer any queries.

The costs for drawing up a Findings Report amount to €250.00. However, this amount is subtracted from the costs for repairs or from the price of a new device.

Please send the faulty device to the following address:

Johannes Hübner Fabrik elektrischer Maschinen GmbH
Siemensstrasse 7
D-35394 Giessen

The current software and firmware is available from our homepage: under Service / Downloads.