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U-ONE® system: Electronic position switches

The universal encoder system U-ONE from Johannes Huebner Giessen offers ten function modules in a single unit. The electronic position switch UO-EM-ERC offers six programmable operating ranges (each with one on and off switching point) as well as numerous other functions. Programming options for the UO-EM-ERC include the bit number in multiturn operations, singleturn or multiturn ranges as well as the operating range inputs with invert option. Determines hysteresis values, counting direction and unit, identification, last edit and conversion factor.

Other function modules belonging to the U-ONE system offer the following functions: Position detection, electronic overspeed switch including programmable switching speeds from 0.63 rpm, various bus interfaces, diverse Ethernet connections, electronic cam controller, synchronization module and graphic display of sequential processes.


Connection technology

Internal bus connection


COMBICON terminal block

Switching position

6 programmable switching points

Relay contacts (changeover contact)

1 error signal

Relay contact (normally-closed)

Switching voltage/switching current

250 V AC/DC, max. 0.5 A

Programmable functions

Bit number for multiturn operation

Range selection singleturn/multiturn

Operating range values with inversion option

Hysteresis values

Counting direction



last change (automatic entry)

Conversion factor

Programmable via decoder interface

Device temperature range

-25 °C to +70 °C

Operating and Assembly Instructions (PDF, 1.78 MB) Download
Catalog - U-ONE (PDF, 2.99 MB) Download
Case Study - Side guides/screw downs, rolling mill (PDF, 218 KB) Download
Case Study - Blast furnace skip hoist, rolling mill (PDF, 1.21 MB) Download
Case Study - Hoist/drum, rolling mill (PDF, 163 KB) Download
Case Study - RTG hoist, cranes (PDF, 1.19 MB) Download


Standard dimension drawings and connection diagrams are provided in the Operating and Installation Instructions. We would be pleased to send you individual variations as well as DXF/STEP files on request.