UO-EPB / UO-SPB (communication module)

Universal encoder systems

System solution U-ONE(-SAFETY)-LWL
  • UO-SPB-1: Communicates safe position and speed to a safety controller via PROFIsafe protocol
  • UO-EPB-1: Communicates position and speed to a non-safety controller via PROFIBUS-DP
  • Resolution up to 13 bit singleturn / 15 bit multiturn
  • Options: Without SIL/PL certification (UO-EPB-1); it is possible to combine 2 bus modules within a system
Absolute encoders
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The new position signalers with PROFIBUS

The communication modules of the U-ONE(-SAFETY) second generation transmit the position, speed and status data of the shafts that need to be monitored to a higher-level controller. They feature a PROFIBUS-DP interface. In the UO-SPB safety design (certified up to SIL 2 / PL 2), the programmable parameters reference the counting direction, the idleness tolerance, the preset value, the integration time and the size of the monitoring window. In the UO-EPB standard design, the counting direction, resolution and limit switches can be parameterized.

Technical Data

Supply voltage

Power supplied via controller module

Signal outputs/Interfaces
  • Resolution: 
    • UO-EPB: 12 bit singleturn / 15 bit multiturn
    • UO-SPB: 13 bit singleturn / 15 bit multiturn
  • Bus addressing with rotary coding switch
  • Configurable functions:
    • UO-EPB: Counting direction, resolution, limit switches
    • UO-SPB: Counting direction, standstill tolerance, preset, integration time safe/unsafe, size of monitoring window
  • LED indicators: Operating conditions/warning
Electrical connection
  • UO-EPB: D-SUB 9 connector (1x)
  • UO-SPB: M12 connector (1x)
  • Internal bus connection to preceding and following modules
  • UO-EPB: 100 x 25 x 110 mm (modular electronics housing for DIN rail bus connector)
  • UO-SPB: 100 x 60 x 110 mm (modular electronics housing for DIN rail bus connector)
Device temperature range

-25 °C to +60 °C

Degree of protection

IP20 (switchboard installation)

Device options
  • Combines with other modules belonging to the U-ONE(-SAFETY)-LWL-System
  • Combine of 2 bus modules possible within one system (UO-EPN/SPN/EPB/SPB)
Mechanical options


Special features and certificates

USL(H) 42 and associated modules UO-S…: SIL 2 (DIN EN 61508); PL d (DIN EN ISO 13849)



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