Incremental encoders

  • Hollow shafts up to Ø 17 mm, solid shafts up to Ø 14 mm (flange or foot mounting)
  • Extreme acids-, alkalis- and saltwater-resistant (V4A stainless steel housing) 
  • Long-living isolating hybrid bearings
  • Options: additional speed switch (set ex works), FOC transmitter, cable protection system
Incremental encodersOverspeed switches
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Acid resistant thanks to stainless steel housing

The incremental encoders FG(HJ) INOX are our acid-, alkali- and saltwater-resistant encoders. Their stainless steel housing ensures they function long-term perfectly under the influence of aggressive media in heavy-industry environments. The encoders are highly resistant to shock and vibration loads; ingress protection up to IP66. They offer high signal quality (HTL, TTL) up to 2048 pulses to guarantee exact measurement results even in particularly harsh operating conditions such as offshore applications or chemical industry.

Technical Data

Supply voltage

12-30 VDC

Signal amplitude


Pulse rate

1 - 2048 (set ex works, selectable)

Output signals

0°, 90°, N und invertierte Signale

Maximum frequency

6000 rpm / 200 kHz

Electrical connection
  • Terminal strip in a terminal box
  • Fixed cable
  • FOC connector in a terminal box
Construction type / Ø shafts
  • Solid shaft (B5, B35) / Ø 11 mm, Ø 14 mm with feather key
  • Hollow shaft / Ø 16 mm with clamp or Ø 17 mm with taper 1:10
Device temperature range

-25 °C to +85 °C

Degree of protection

Up to IP66


Approx. 3.5 kg

Device options

S: Electronic overspeed switch, one signal output, set ex works

Mechanical options
  • Additional foot (solid shaft construction type only)
  • Additional cable protection system made of stainless steel
Special features and certificates
  • Resistance to corrosive environments (e.g. acids and alkalis)
  • Suitable for wet areas in rolling mills
  • Saltwater-proof
  • Long-living hybrid bearings (isolating against shaft-currents)



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