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Torsion resistant couplings

Type HK couplings were developed for encoders required to meet stringent demands with regard to precision, backlash-free angular transmission or torsional rigidity. The metal couplings with spring-type compensating elements are extremely robust and suitable for use in extremely harsh operating conditions.

Advantages of metal couplings from Huebner Giessen:

  • Couplings HK 5 / HKD 5 made of stainless steel (for deployment in aggressive environments)
  • Increase encoder signal quality by minimizing rotational frequency modulation/harmonics
  • Compensate to the best possible degree fitting errors such as shaft misalignment, radial eccentricity and axial shaft movements (e.g. thermal expansion)
  • Compensate angular offset with low distortion forces (increases service life of bearings)
  • Compensate parallel misalignment (drive shaft to encoder shaft) with double-joint coupling
  • Type HKI insulated couplings available to protect against bearing/shaft currents


Max. bore, total length

Type of coupling

HK 5

Ø 22 mm

42 mm to 68 mm

Metal coupling

HK 97-52

Ø 19/40 mm

52 mm

Metal coupling


Ø 16 mm

20 mm to 54 mm

Bellow coupling


Ø 19 mm

32 mm to 57 mm

Bellow coupling with clamping

HK 7H bis HK 45H

Ø 45 mm

22 mm to 114 mm

Plug-in coupling


1 x Ø 14 mm

37 mm

Notching teeth coupling

HKE 533

Ø 22 mm

78,5 mm

Adjustable with scale ring


Max. bore, total length

Max. bore (conical)


Ø 22 mm

66 mm to 120 mm


HKI 97-112

Ø 28 mm

112 mm

Ø 20 mm or Ø 32 mm, cone 1:20

HKI 97-151

1 x Ø 40 mm

151 mm


HKI 97-155

Ø 28 mm

155 mm


HKI special (with flange)

1 x Ø 28 mm

Length and flange on request

1 x Ø 20 mm or Ø 32 mm, cone 1:20

Length and flange on request

HKI 97-191

Ø 40 mm

191 mm


Catalog - Couplings (PDF, 2.36 MB) Download
Case Study - Hoist/drum, cranes (PDF, 163 KB) Download
Case Study - Screw downs, rolling mill (PDF, 169 KB) Download
Case Study - Hoist, cranes (PDF, 137 KB) Download


Standard dimension drawings and connection diagrams are provided in the Operating and Installation Instructions. We would be pleased to send you individual variations as well as DXF/STEP files on request.