Torque brackets

Torque brackets are used to ensure high levels of accuracy when mounting our hollow shaft encoders and tacho generators (from the series FGH 2/4/6/8/14/40, A...H 40/60, EGSH 40/41 and TDPH 439 H).

Advantages of a torque bracket:

  • Compensates minor mounting inaccuracies (radial eccentricity of the drive shaft, radial eccentricity due to fit tolerance and axial movement of the drive shaft)
  • Reduces ripple in the encoder output signals/rotational frequency modulation
  • Best-possible encoder output signals

Our service for you:

  • Identify requirements and installation situation at your location
  • Application-oriented system solutions incl. torque brackets
  • Other versions / dimensions on request
Data sheet bracket arms (PDF, 951 KB) Download


Standard dimension drawings and connection diagrams are provided in the Operating and Installation Instructions. We would be pleased to send you individual variations as well as DXF/STEP files on request.