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Flange adapter shafts

When fitting hollow shaft encoders onto large drive shafts (e. g. of main drives) it is possible to reduce the diameter of the large shaft with the aid of flange-mounted shaft adapters (flange-type adapter shafts), and in doing so create the right conditions to fit standard hollow shaft units.

Also available as certified safety part.

Advantages offered by the flange adapter shaft:

  • Ideal for large drive shafts
  • Centering, bolt circle, bores and stub shaft lengths are adapted perfectly
  • Suitable for new plants and retrofitting/replacing other shafts
  • Three integrated ball thrust screws (minimum 3, depending on size of flange) to adjust the adapter shaft make it possible to maintain signal quality by minimizing rotational frequency modulation/harmonics
  • Best-possible solution to attach heavy combinations or variations of units
  • Insulated versions available to protect against bearing/shaft currents
  • Custom-made solutions and standard adapter shafts available

For encoder series 4, 40/41 to series 14


Attachment type

Centering diameter

For encoder series

External centering

Ø 28 mm to 350 mm


External centering

Ø 60 mm to 300 mm


Internal centering

Ø 30 mm to 290 mm


Internal centering

Ø 50 mm to 200 mm


Special design

up to Ø 500 mm or to customer specifications

On request

Flyer - Hollow shaft assembly with fault exclusion (PDF, 240 KB) Download
Inquiry form - Hollow shaft assembly with fault exclusion (PDF, 199 KB) Download
Product article - Hollow shaft assembly with fault exclusion (PDF, 220 KB) Download
Case Study - Main drives, rolling mill (PDF, 192 KB) Download
Case Study - Safely-limited speed, rolling mill (PDF, 262 KB) Download
Case Study - Test stand motor, drive systems (PDF, 152 KB) Download


Standard dimension drawings and connection diagrams are provided in the Operating and Installation Instructions. We would be pleased to send you individual variations as well as DXF/STEP files on request.