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Frequency voltage converter

Frequency voltage converter

The frequency voltage converter FVC 10 B transforms output signals from incremental encoders into a DC voltage or DC current which is proportional to the speed and depends on the direction of rotation. The limit speed and pulse rate can be adjusted manually by means of 2 groups of 4 adjustable code-type switches. The resulting value will be transformed and is available for analog output.



FVC 10 B


Modular casing for standard mounting rails

Connection technology

24 pole PHOENIX COMBICON-terminal strip

Supply voltage

12 - 30 VDC

No-load current

approx. 200 mA

Signal input

Incremental encoder (5 - 30 V)

Reset input (TTL level, 0 V)

Signal output

0 to ± 10 V DC (max. 20 mA) and 3 LED´s for direction of rotation right/left and standstill

Output signal options

Second voltage output: 0 to ±10 V

Current output: 0 to ±20 mA

Current output (independent of direction of rotation): 4 to 20 mA

with option power supply 24 V DC: Overspeed detection and voltage supervision available

Adjustment switches

SW1 to SW4: 1 to 9999 rpm

SW5 to SW8: 1 to 9999 pulses/revolution

Mutual decoupling of output blocks


Frequency range

0 to 200 kHz

Dimensions (W x H x D)

max. 90 x 118 x 136 mm

Degree of protection


Temperature range

0 °C to +50 °C

Data sheet (PDF, 220 KB) Download


Standard dimension drawings and connection diagrams are provided in the Operating and Installation Instructions. We would be pleased to send you individual variations as well as DXF/STEP files on request.