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DC motors


Battery powered DC motors

Today, battery powered DC motors are very often used in drive engineering applications, and primarily when no AC or three-phase mains supply is available and needs to be substituted by batteries or transformers. In most cases, it is possible to adapt the motors to custom voltage supplies.

In particular in the field of automotive /drive engineering motors are required when power is supplied purely by batteries. In conjunction with a modern chopper controller it is possible to deliver infinitely variable speed control and, as a consequence, guarantee optimum drive concepts.


Outstanding strengths of Johannes Hübner Giessen

  • Manufacturing DC motors with extremely compact dimensions as well as customized flanges and shafts to meet individual customer requirements on request
  • Custom winding for desired speed / torque characteristics
  • It is generally possible to fit gears, brakes and encoders (incremental / absolute)
  • Development and construction of prototypes
  • Electrically connect motors via terminal box, connector or cable set
  • Degree of protection available: IP23 to IP68
OutputSpeedTorqueVoltage (DC)Current (DC)
0.07 ... 301000 ... 30000.7 ... 954 ... 38427 ... 85

GN series