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Motors and generators from Johannes Huebner Giessen

Motors and generators

Johannes Huebner Giessen is known for building motors since the day our company was founded in 1934. We have established ourselves to date as a competent partner in many sectors of industry with our electric drives as well as system solutions including gearboxes, brakes, controllers and batteries. We regularly earn the respect of our partners by producing customized designs and prototypes to meet individual customer requirements.


Individual motors with high degree of protection

Our DC motors are certified sealed to degree of protection IP68. Distinguishing features include their high levels of robustness and reliability; we are able to supply them in versions boasting extremely small dimensions and special windings.


Highly energy efficient generators

Our generators are very often incorporated in smaller wind turbines and hydroelectric plants as well as in mobile power supply solutions. To be able to achieve optimum starting performances even at low speeds the generators have almost no cogging torque, an aspect that improves energy efficiency.


Overview motors and generators

Please contact us if you have any questions about our motors and generators:
Telephone: +49 641 7969-0 or simply complete our contact form.