Autonomous power generation with minimum fuel consumption

When power is required the innovative 24 kVA multichannel inverter and the intelligent energy management system regulate the various sources of renewable energy to meet power requirements taking the weather conditions into consideration (sun/wind). That ensures the diesel generator is used as little as possible and guarantees a power supply for several months – without maintenance or servicing. Excess power is stored in a 52 kWh battery. It is possible to equip or combine the EnergyContainer with a drinking water purification system (or sea water desalination equipment), an air-conditioning system and/or a combined heat and power generation system. The EnergyContainer is built in series to meet different power requirements and ranges. Customized versions tailored to individual demands are also possible.


Innovative hybrid system

To date the most unique mobile container concept generates a maximum output power of 24 kVA with the following components:

  • 5 kW wind turbine (achieves nominal power at a wind speed of 11 m/s)
  • 5 kWp solar energy system
  • 16 kW backup diesel generator set
  • 52 kWh battery

All components are safely stored inside the container during transport.


Power anywhere, installed within a day


Rapid and effective power supply for humanitarian interventions and in response to catastrophic events.


Mobile or stationary medical equipment and sufficient light: a reliable power supply saves lives.


Anyone wishing to open up areas with difficult access issues needs a reliable, mobile power supply on site.


Power supply station for telecommunications at temporary locations or where access is difficult.


Additional power supply when the existing power supply is unstable or for security purposes.



Multi-channel inverter