U-ONE Generation II (LWL) - position switch module


System solution U-ONE(-SAFETY)-LWL
  • Monitor position ranges by means of 3 configurable position switches equipped with positively driven relays
  • Easy configuration instead of complicated PLC programming
  • Switching capacity up to 250 VAC / 500 mA or 230 VDC / 180 mA
  • Options: Without SIL/PL certification (UO-ERC-R); combine up to 15 position switches (= 5 modules)
Electronic position switches
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U-ONE Generation II (LWL) - position switch module

The position switch modules of the U-ONE(-SAFETY) second generation monitor the position ranges via three position switches, each with configurable parameters. The combination of five modules allows a maximum of 15 position switches to be used. The switching range, hysteresis and preset values can all be programmed. What’s more, the modules can also be parameterized as reliable error switches and for a switch test diagnosis. The parameterization is carried out using input masks, meaning that complex SPS programming is not necessary. The modules are optionally available as certified up to SIL 2 / PL d.

Technical Data

Supply voltage

Power supplied via controller module

Signal outputs/Interfaces
  • 3 configurable position switches, 2 NO contacts per switch, potential-free relay contacts with switching capacity:
    • 5...250 V / 5…500 mA  AC
    • 5...30 V / 5…500 mA  DC
    • 30…230 V / 5…180 mA DC
  • 1 switch configurable as error switch (e. g. emergency stop circuit)
  • Configurable functions: Switching range, hysteresis, preset, safe error switch, switch test diagnostics
  • LED indicators: Operating conditions/warning
Electrical connection
  • Number of screw terminals and function:
    • 4: Switch S1 (each 2 NO contacts)
    • 4: Switch S2 (each 2 NO contacts)
    • 4: Switch S3 (each 2 NO contacts)
  • Internal bus connection to preceding and following modules

100 x 25 x 110 mm (modular electronics housing for DIN rail bus connector)

Device temperature range

-25 °C to +60 °C

Degree of protection

IP20 (switchboard installation)

Device options
  • Combines with other modules belonging to the U-ONE(-SAFETY)-LWL-System
  • Combine up to 15 position switches (= 5 modules)
  • Maximum 15 switches per system, of which maximum 6 speed switches
Mechanical options


Special features and certificates

USL(H) 42 and associated modules UO-S…: SIL 2 (DIN EN 61508); PL d (DIN EN ISO 13849)



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