Electronic speed monitor, safety certified (SIL 2 / PL d)

EGS 41 SIL 2 / EGSH(J) 41 SIL 2

  • Safety integrated speed monitoring (programmable)
  • Hollow shafts up to Ø 20 mm, solid shafts up to Ø 14 mm (flange or foot mounting)
  • Nonwearing semi-conductor switch (NO contact): Up to 4 programmable / up to 2 diagnostics
  • Options: Isolated ball bearings (hollow shaft), additional incremental output, further encoders attachable
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Electronic speed monitor with safety certification

The electronic speed monitors monitor as many as 4 programmable speed ranges (overspeed, underspeed and standstill) with a high level of switching accuracy, including at low operating speeds. The speed monitors are certified for safety applications up to SIL 2 / PL d. If a programmed speed is exceeded or is too low, the respective switching output switches. As a consequence, speed monitoring plays its part in system and personnel protection. The speed monitors are installed on motors on cranes, in mining operations as well as in rolling mills and more. When devices are swapped it is possible to transfer the parameters previously stored on the first device to the new device.

Technical Data

Supply voltage

12-30 VDC or 100-240 VAC

Number of switches

2 or 4

Switching voltage

0-30 VDC or 30-230 VAC/DC

Switching speed range
  • 0.5-5400 rpm with solid shaft
  • 0.5-3600 rpm with hollow shaft
Switching function
  • Speed monitoring: Opens when switching speed exceeded or fallen below
  • Additional functions: Direction of rotation switch, switching hysteresis (min. 10%), switching delay (0-300 ms), …
  • Programming via the selected switching speed range (interface: Mini USB)
Maximum rotation
  • Up to 6000 rpm with solid shaft
  • Up to 4000 rpm with hollow shaft
Electrical connection
  • Terminal strip in a terminal box
  • Fixed cable
Construction type / Ø shafts
  • Solid shaft (B5, B35) / Ø 11 mm, Ø 14 mm with feather key
  • Hollow shaft / Ø 16 mm, Ø 19 mm, Ø 20 mm with keyway
Device temperature range

-25 °C to +85 °C

Degree of protection

Up to IP66 / IP67


Approx. 3.5 kg

Device options

With additional integrated FG 40

Mechanical options
  • Second shaft end with B14 flange for attachments (solid shaft construction type only)
  • Additional foot (solid shaft construction type only)
  • Isolated ball bearing (hollow shaft construction type only)
  • MI: Saliferous environment
  • Hollow shaft devices: Torque bracket (on request)
Special features and certificates
  • SIL 2 (IEC 61508) / PL d (DIN EN ISO 13849)
  • UL/CSA (for all devices with connection technology „Terminal strip in a terminal box“ and up to 30 V supply voltage / switching voltage)



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