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Accessories – mechanical

  • Taylormade system solution for a variety of attachment variations
  • Individuell fitting calculation and design
  • Simplified risk assessment and customer-side acceptance test
  • Options: on-site measurement and installation; isolated version; safety certified version to DIN EN ISO 13849-2 (PL e)
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The taylormade package solutions

The taylormade system solutions for hollow shaft attachment consisting of hollow shaft encoders as well as fitting mechanical accessories. Depending on the application shaft this solution is implemented by means of a robustly and individually designed high endurance flange or screw-in type adapter shaft as well as suitable torque brackets. As an option there are solutions for isolated hollow shaft assembly against shaft currents or as certified assembly with fatigue resistant safety components for applications with functional safety requirements. On-site measurement and installation possible, if required.

Technical Data

Product usage

Hollow shaft attachment points:  Optionally with functional safety requirement (PL e)

Mounting type

Attachment situation according to customer interface, for example,

  • Flange-adapter shaft mounted on customer shaft
  • Fixing screws (calculated safety)
  • Feather key (keyed joint must be guaranteed)
  • Torque bracket (calculated safety)
  • Series 41 safety encoder (SIL/PL certified)
  • Axial tensioning disc and bolt (calculated safety)
  • Cover plate (guarantees degree of protection)
  • Optional standard encoder (according to requirement)
Mounting accuracy

Calculated individually case-by-case /design as per consultation

Maximum rotation

Calculated individually case-by-case /design as per consultation

Temperature range

Calculated individually case-by-case /design as per consultation

Shock resistance

Calculated individually case-by-case /design as per consultation

Vibration resistance

Calculated individually case-by-case /design as per consultation

Insulated against currents


Mechanical options

Accessories (as agreed)

Special features and certificates
  • Optionally designed as safety certified version to DIN EN ISO 13849-2 (PLe)
  • Isolated version
  • Optional on-site measurement and installation (by Hübner-Gießen service personnel)



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