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New replacement solution for DC tacho generators. Hübner Giessen offers spare part inquiries service – worldwide.

Any company that has realized thousands of applications in heavy industry in all continents of the world, has earned worldwide recognition for producing prototypes and has 80 years of expertise in...


Safety encoder – safely attached. We are extending our system solutions for safety applications

Experience helps you stay calm in difficult situations. It helps you to keep a clear head when things start getting hectic. And it teaches you what you need to keep an eye on in the face of...


Innovative solutions live in situ. Hübner Giessen at the TOC Europe in Rotterdam.

Always remember the POWER OF FACE-TO-FACE. That is how it appears on the TOC Europe website, one of the biggest trade exhibitions dedicated to showcasing port, shipping and terminal technology. And...


Hübner Giessen increasing simplicity. Boot loader function facilitates on site updates.

Actually, it is quite easy: the more user-friendly we make our products the more we keep our customers’ options open. And we see that as an essential part of our mission. To achieve that goal we are...


A good idea, it is safe to say. Solutions that take you forward.

Doing things by halves is not what our company philosophy is about. When we approach a project, we prefer to do it right. In that way, both sides profit. On the one hand our customers, for whom we...


Fantastic atmosphere, everybody happy and a complete success.

We at Hübner are of course used to delivering the best results under adverse environmental conditions. So that is why a small thunderstorm could not hold us back from celebrating a perfect Summer...


Hübner Giessen at the TOC in Rotterdam. Solutions for crane and port technology of the future

To make our customers’ lives easier we are normally busy developing robust, durable and simple solutions at our location in Gießen. But we are happy to make the journey to the TOC Europe 2018, 12-14...


Innovating in Philadelphia. Hübner Giessen at the AISTech 2018

Philadelphia is the home town of the Philadelphia Eagles, winners of the Super Bowl 2018, location of the legendary “Rocky” films and home of the famous Liberty Bell. In other words, a town that can...


ERC 40 raises monitoring of positioning ranges to state-of-the-art technology.

“I am sorry. But that device is no longer available.” Something along those lines or similar is how the answer can sound when mechanical rotary cam limit switches installed on cranes, with or without...


Updated data protection declaration online

Your trust in us and our work means everything to us. And because we are equally serious about protecting your data we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest and also to...


Promoting regional ideas - what it means in practical terms. How Hübner drives innovation in the region by “growing novel ideas”

“Ab Idee OK”! That is the name of the funding program Hübner Giessen established for inventors, start-up founders and entrepreneurs to drive innovation. The program supports realizing ideas and...


Hübner Giessen bids farewell to Prof. Ewald Ohl as he enters retirement

More than 40 years of passion for electric machines


Greater accuracy. Lower costs. The electronic position switch ERC 40.

At Hübner Giessen we work on solutions day in and day out to make difficult tasks in the heavy-duty sector simpler. Our electronic position switch ERC 40 provides a good example; not only does it...


The supplementary interface PROFIBUS-DP (without SIL / PL)

Less is sometimes more. There is a great deal of truth in this idiom. No matter if you interpret it in the sense of “keep it simple” or you are of the opinion that the simplest is not always the best...


Up to date: our catalogs

Our latest products introduced over the last few months have now been integrated in the corresponding catalogs.

Photo: IHK/Andreas Bender

Hübner Giessen receives the Chamber of Industry & Commerce (CIC) Enterprise Award 2017

Something our customers have always known is now official: Hübner Giessen delivers award-winning results. We are delighted to receive the CIC Enterprise Award 2017 in the category “Industry”.


We're looking for: Sales Manager USA/Canada

For our subsidiary Johannes Huebner Corporation in the USA we’re looking for a Sales Manager USA/Canada.Location: USA, Home Office, Job profile: SalesRegion: USA/Canada, Starting date: immediately


Welcome to 2018

We are able to look back on many completed projects in 2017.

The daughters of our managing directors while decorating the christmas tree.

Something sweet for Christmas

The time has arrived again to say “Thank you”.

Our new apprentices.

Hübner Giessen is strengthening its line-up with young talent

Four new arrivals introduce themselves.

Our modular universal encoder system UOC 40 and USC 42 as well as our electronic position switch ERC 40.

A magic formula for innovations?

Hard work and smart thinkers.

Our partners from all over the world visit Hübner Giessen for a training.

The world is our guest at Hübner Giessen

27 international colleagues visit our training for representatives.

Our staff were highly motivated while running 5 kilometers for the good cause at Town Run Giessen.

Fit and active with Hübner Giessen

15 runners from Hübner Giessen among the starting line-up for the 19th “Run ´n´ Roll for help”.


An overview of the highest precision and safety

The new EGS catalog from Johannes Hübner Giessen

We offer 1:1 exchange of tachos of third-party manufacturers.

Smart solutions instead of huge investments

The new overview of tachos from Johannes Hübner Giessen


Reduces costs – increases accuracy – offers modular adaptability

Modular universal encoder system UOC 40 / USC 42


We never stop developing – on your behalf

We never stop working to improve our internal processes so we can continue to provide the best-possible solutions for your tasks – now and in the future. That is why we are pleased to be able to...


Sometimes, you just need to keep it simple. The electronic overspeed switch EGS(HJ) 2.

A Swiss pocket knife can be practical. However, if you just need a knife to peel an apple now and again you really can do without a can opener, nail file, saw and corkscrew. In other words, it is...


Why complicate matters when you can keep it simple?

Encoders with a plug-in connection make your life easier.

The intelligent electronic rotary cam limit switch

The ERC 40. Keeps it simple.

Just imagine you had to set up your phone again after every update. Or you had to adjust the gearbox every time the oil is changed in your car. And wouldn’t it be really annoying if you had no...


Experience offers peace of mind. Attaching encoders is about what you know.

When push comes to shove – who do you trust the most? The person with experience or the beginner? The expert or the all-rounder? The experienced mountain guide or the novice?


A happy and prosperous year 2017

Johannes Hübner Giessen wishes a healthy and prosperous new year.We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent sense of partnership throughout our cooperation in 2016. We...

Hübner Giessen wishes a merry christmas and a good and healthy start in 2017.

Leave the stress behind – with a little help from "the lopsided Kasimir"

The year is drawing to a close and Christmas is almost upon us. A time to reflect on what you personally feel is important in your life.


Incremental encoders available with Sin/Cos interface

Based in Giessen, Germany, Johannes Hübner Fabrik elektrischer Maschinen GmbH is extending its range of products: Following on from the new development of the Ex FG 40 incremental encoder for...


Hübner Giessen celebrates the official opening of the new administration building

The globally active Johannes Hübner Fabrik elektrischer Maschinen GmbH invited their staff and relatives, friends and the companies who helped build the new building to celebrate a Summer Festival...

Robust, long service life and explosion-proof to ATEX and IECEx: the new incremental encoder Ex FG 40 from Johannes Hübner Giessen for explosive atmospheres (gas/dust) with heavy-duty demands.

Encoder Ex FG 40: Explosion-proof to ATEX and IECEx

Explosive atmospheres are a special field in heavy industry subject to stringent safety requirements. With this in mind Johannes Hübner Giessen developed the incremental encoder Ex FG 40 for...


Successful ATEX/IECEx certification for incremental encoder Ex FG 40

With its new Ex FG 40 series Johannes Hübner Giessen is setting a new standard for incremental encoders designed to meet heavy duty requirements in hazardous areas.

Our new member of staff in the sales department: Peter Haarhoff, responsible for USA/Canada

A new face in the sales department

A new member of staff joined us on 2 May to strengthen our sales team: Peter Haarhoff. With immediate effect he will be responsible for the regions USA and Canada. He will support our subsidiary in...

Our revised product overview

Revised program overview

Our new program overview contains all of our product groups and accessories. We have compiled the most important facts about each of the respective products to enable you to gain an initial overview...


Successful UL certification

Various encoder series now UL certified.

Our new office building in Giessen, Siemenstrasse

New contact data of your contact partners

There has also been significant progress within our company. To lay the foundations for future growth, a new office building has been erected with modern workplaces for some 60 colleagues. We moved...


Hollow shaft assembly incorporating fault exclusion

What is the use of a safety-certified encoder if the mechanical connection with the shaft of the application has not been sufficiently dimensioned to ensure reliable transmission of the encoder...

The FG 2 series is available as solid or hollow shaft version.

Incremental encoders for standard drives

Due to the level of standardization the FG 2 series of incremental encoders offers an extremely favorable price-performance ratio that encompasses the huge amount of experience we have gained over...


Absolute encoders series 40 and 60

To fulfil exacting demands with regard to signal variety, device versions are available with two terminal boxes as an interesting alternative to standard designs with just one terminal box.


Generators and motors

Our generators and motors are specifically designed for customer-specific energy and drive solutions for deployment in harsh environmental operating conditions.


Absolute encoder AM...(H) 41 with SIL 3 certification

Specifically developed for use in safety-related applications in extreme environmental conditions.

The two construction types: U-ONE-SAFETY-Compact and U-ONE-SAFETY-LWL

U-ONE-SAFETY for functional safety

In addition to reliable speed switches the new generation of the successful universal encoder system U-ONE-SAFETY now also offers a safe position and error switch as well as an absolute encoder with...

The FG(HJ) 2 for standard motors, auxiliary drives and secondary drives

Incremental encoders for standard motors

Due to the level of standardisation this new series – consisting of FG 2 (solid shaft) and FGHJ 2 (hollow shaft) – offers an extremely favourable price-performance ratio. At the same time it...

No limits in variety

Bearing-free magnetic encoder systems

The MAG system of Johannes Huebner Giessen offers totally new freedom to design customized encoder solutions, even for installation situations in which it is not possible to use standard encoders....

EGS(H) 41

EGS(H) 41 with SIL certification

Our EGS(H) 41 series is certified for use in safety related applications up to SIL 2 to IEC 61508 and PL d to DIN EN ISO 13849; it enables you to reliably monitor a variety of operating statuses such...

The shell of the new office building of Johannes Huebner Giessen

Topping-out ceremony: Johannes Hübner invests in modern workplaces

With the shell of the building erected the topping-out ceremony was celebrated on 05.12.2014. Johannes Hübner is targeting investments at expanding its company infrastructure in Gießen, which is just...

The modern generator in the Datteroder Mill.

Upgrading a water powered mill combines technological innovation and social responsibility

Johannes Hübner Giessen donates towards the CoLab "Youth Welfare" project (Jugendhilfeprojekt CoLab).

FG 40

FG(H) 40: Robust incremental encoder designed for heavy industry

For rolling mills, mining industry and crane systems: Johannes Huebner Giessen developed the incremental encoder FG(H) 40 to meet the needs of heavy industry. It has been designed for use under...

The new looper encoder FGL 40 from Johannes Huebner Giessen is an extremely robust unit with high signal quality.

Extremely robust incremental looper encoder FGL 40 with high signal quality for use under the harshest conditions

Johannes Huebner Giessen now offers looper encoders with incremental output for uses in steelworks and rolling mills.

Internationally recognised explosion protection: The DSG P 112.14-6 Ex permanent magnet three-phase synchronous generator from Huebner Giessen features IECEx certification.

Special permanent magnet generator with explosion protection

TÜV Nord grants Huebner generator IEC 60079-0 /-15 Ex certification.