Our team is growing


Our team is growing

We are pleased to introduce Kai Forster to you today. Mr Forster began working for Hübner Giessen back in October 2016. Following his induction phase he is now here to serve you in your region. As our sales representative he is responsible for the Asia region; he is there to meet your needs and support you and your projects.

With 6 years professional experience as a sales representative and first-hand knowledge of Asia he is the right man to strengthen our team.

Simply pick up the phone to make an appointment to discuss in which projects he can also offer you support.

You wish to know more about the “new” member of our team?
So you know who you are talking to we have put together a couple of facts about our new colleague.


After graduating with a master’s degree as an industrial engineer (UAS) Mr Forster has worked as a sales representative in the field of mechanical and systems engineering since 2010. He wrote his thesis in Salzgitter steelworks. Since then he has been involved in numerous successful projects in India, China and Turkey. 


When he is not travelling on behalf of Hübner, Mr Forster often takes to the woods to jog or ride his bike. “The woods have a relaxing effect on me and offer a welcome change to what can sometimes be a rather hectic working life”, says Mr Forster. He has already participated in the yearly charity run in Giessen, in which Hübner Giessen staff take part every year. So we now have another running enthusiast in our team.
In addition to running, riding his bike and playing tennis riding his motor bike is one of his favourite hobbies.