From a student trainee to a development engineer: Othman Masri and his career start at Hübner Giessen

Othman Masri recently successfully completed his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. The next stage of his professional life had already been decided on prior to his final university examination: Hübner Giessen had offered him a permanent position involving an exciting development project. In our interview, Masri tells us all about how he secured his dream job.

Learning a lot and gaining experience

It all started back in 2017, when he sent a speculative application to Hübner Giessen. Othman Masri was looking for a part-time job that would help to finance his university studies. As a trained equipment and systems engineer, he was the perfect match for Hübner Giessen and joined the company as a student trainee for electronics manufacturing. Masri felt right at home at Hübner Giessen from the word go and was quickly able to learn a great deal, as he explains in our interview: “I always received perfect support and was even able to help out on-site at customer locations.” Johannes Hübner Giessen also provided Masri with a suitable project for his bachelor’s thesis, which enabled him to get to know the Development department. The simulator that he developed within the scope of his thesis is now actually used by Hübner’s development team in its day-to-day work.

A smooth start in the development team

Right at the start of his career as a permanent employee at Hübner Giessen, Masri has been given responsibility for his own project, which allows him to cooperate with international development partners. You can read more about Othman Masri’s passion for electrical engineering, his professional journey with Hübner Giessen and his plans for the future in our interview with the brand-new development engineer.