Ex and safe: MAG Ex bearingless magnetic encoders now with Ex certification!

Extreme temperatures, dust, dirt and shock loads: Encoders in heavy industry have to withstand a lot. Our new MAG Ex bearingless magnetic encoder systems are now even more solutions oriented. That is because they are Ex certified; consequently, they are now also suitable for applications subject to explosion hazards.

Extremely rugged and explosion-proof

Our bearingless magnetic encoders MAG incremental have been proving their qualities for a long time in applications exposed to extreme environmental conditions. Thanks to their compact construction they are particularly able to demonstrate their strengths when deployed in confined spaces. Ex certification is a new development for the MAG Ex incremental model. Consequently, we are able to increase the spectrum of applications for these extremely rugged, contactless functioning encoder systems. The MAG Ex is certified for harsh environments subject to explosion hazards. Examples of the new fields of applications for the encoders include oil and gas production, offshore platforms, pipeline compressor stations and petrochemical installations.

MAG Ex incremental and MAGA Ex absolute

The explosion-proof encoder systems MAG Ex incremental with HTL or TTL output signals are available with immediate effect. Ex certification for the encoder systems MAGA absolute with SSI output signals is in preparation. Both the MAG Ex incremental and the MAGA Ex absolute will receive ATEX certification for Zone 2.

Long lasting and flexible

Both versions of our Ex certified magnetic encoder systems are extremely rugged and designed for a long service life. They are nonwearing thanks to their bearingless design and contactless scanning functionality. A special stainless-steel protection cover additionally shields the encoders from the effects of the environment. The scanning head is seawater-proof by design (IP68) and, as a consequence, is also suitable for offshore applications. Furthermore, because they can be directly attached to shafts with or without a free shaft end our MAG Ex incremental and MAGA Ex absolute encoders offer maximum engineering freedom. The split pulse wheel option is a practical alternative for retrofitting and upgrade projects.

Tailor-made solutions

With a wide variety of additional options MAG/MAGA Ex facilitate tailor-made encoder integration solutions. For example, these include a second scanning head to enable transmission of redundant signals. And it is possible to fit both magnetic encoders with an external transmitter/decoder to provide additional FOC signal transmissions up to 1000 meters.

Download the MAG/MAGA Ex flyer

We are pleased to present our new Ex certified, bearingless, magnetic encoder systems in a new flyer. Download the MAG(A) Ex product flyer and learn more about the advantages our extremely rugged and space saving solutions have to offer.