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Steel production - Blast furnace skip hoist



As part of the upgrade project outdated sensors are to be replaced with modern systems. Objectives include simplification of mechanical attachments, elimination of inaccuracies as well as all-round better control response. In addition, susceptibility to EMC disturbances is to be reduced and, as a consequence, the robustness and availability of the installation increased.


Huebner Solution

The universal encoder system U-ONE® is to replace the outdated sensor systems on both the motor and drum sides. Thanks to its modular design it is possible to adapt the system to meet all of the customer requirements. Direct attachment to the basic unit eliminates mechanical inaccuracies resulting from gearbox backlash and supports improved control response. Signal transmissions via fiber optic cable eliminate the effects of EMC issues. With the EGS module it is easily possible to program the switching points for overspeed monitoring purposes. The AMS module with SSI interface provides values for position sensing. In addition, the ERC module allows users to conveniently program position switching points without modifying the PLC.