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Safely-Limited Speed



Embossed rollers (pattern rollers) are used to produce finished materials for innovative stainless steel facades. Quality assurance measures include visually examining and verifying the depth of the embossing.

In addition to sensing speeds for motor control and protection it is necessary to implement the safety function SLS (Safely-Limited Speed) for the main drive and for each coiler. The purpose behind this measure is to safeguard personnel in the danger zone as they carry out necessary inspection and maintenance work on machinery in the operating mode "safely-limited speed max. 15 m/min". The conceptual solution designed to implement SLS should also take into consideration safe mechanical assembly.


Huebner Solution

The first step was to document the requirements and the installation conditions at the customer's site before drawing up an overarching concept for the different points of installation. System solutions consisting of safety-certified, hollow shaft type overspeed switches EGSH(J) 41 as well as attachments calculated for safety and guaranteed fault exclusion are at the core of Hubner's customized solutions. An additional encoder with incremental output for motor control and a speed switching output for motor protection was integrated in the system solution as required. Hubner specialists installed all of the system components and carried out control measurements to verify the accuracy of the installed equipment and documented the results.