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Replacing mechanical cam limit switches on cranes without PLC



Some mechanical cam limit switches deployed in cranes or in conjunction with an obsolete PLC have either been discontinued or the devices cannot be replaced for other reasons.

In that case a solution is required that updates the position switches on the crane to a state of the art technology – without extra construction effort.


Huebner Solution

With the electronic position switch ERC 40 from Hubner Giessen the user is now able to program the switching points via software. The programming is easy and quick; at the same time, the values remain permanently in the system and cannot be affected by shock and vibration.

Other advantages are:

  • Real switches up to 230 V and 0.5 A - most times existing cables can be kept
  • Use the latest technology without converting to a (new) PLC at the same time

The ERC 40 offers a suitable replacement system for many cranes and installation situations. This enables more flexibility, higher accuracy and less spare parts.