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Large machinery - Safe position



It is planned to equip a bucket wheel excavator with the latest automation and safety technologies within the scope of a complete modernisation project. To achieve the required safety categories identified by a risk assessment, safe position values are required for both slewing gear mechanisms between the superstructure and substructure of the excavator as well as between the loading boom and the substructure of the excavator. By contrast standard position values are sufficient to determine the position of the crawler tracks.


Huebner Solution

Equipped with a safe PROFINET interface using the PROFIsafe protocol the AMPN 41 multiturn absolute encoders to be installed at the slewing gear mechanisms are certified for applications up to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) CL3 to EN 61508 and PL e to EN ISO13849. That saves the user having to provide separate verification of the functional safety of the position sensors. Absolute encoders AMP 40 equipped with a standard PROFIBUS interface will be installed at the crawler tracks. Robust, form-locked process coupling and the dedicated constructional design of the encoders for use in mining operations subject to extreme environmental conditions ensure the position data are reliably made available at the safety level required for the respective application.