Koepe friction winder



Improve the accuracy of the speed control of the Koepe ­friction winder. The resolution of the existing inductive gear wheel ­scanning solution no longer meets customer requirements, so that a new sensor system is needed. The Koepe principle sees a Koepe wheel rotate around a fixed axle. Consequently, the magnetic scale of the speed measuring sensor cannot be ­attached to a rotating shaft as would be the case with a drum winding ­engine. The task was made even more difficult by the fact that the ­Koepe wheel runs out of true (eccentricity) by ­several millimeters, which is something the measuring system must compensate. 


Huebner Solution

An encoder system was developed to meet the exact ­requirements of the application. This consists of a pulse wheel with a diameter of 1300 mm and magnetic scale. The pulse wheel has a split design consisting of two halves to ­considerably simplify its installation. Both pulse wheel halves are precisely bolted to an equally split adapter ring, which is fastened to the Koepe wheel. The sensors are well-protected in a scanning head, which is fastened to a fixed part of the ­Koepe friction ­winder. Optimized at the maximum gap between the pulse wheel and scanning head the measuring system ­supplies 2460 square pulses per revolution.