Improved operating reliability and position accuracy at the ladle crane



Objective: fundamentally improve the operating reliability and positioning accuracy of the ladle crane hoisting gear used in steel production by implementing the following measures:


  • Replace legacy mechanical rotary cam limit switch with an electronic position switch that ensures significantly greater accuracy
  • Also, attach an electronic overspeed switch to facilitate overspeed detection as well as a holding break (not included in scope of supply of Hübner Giessen)





Huebner Solution

Installed the modular universal encoder system U-ONE,which offers the following special characteristics:


  • Basic unit attached directly at the hoist drum by means of adouble joint coupling on a tailor-made base plate construction
  • Signal transmission via fiber optic cable prevents EMCproblems
  • The following electronic modules were installed, well-protected in the switchboard:
  • FOC decoder
  • Electronic position switch (ERC) with 6 relay outputs and preset input to facilitate plant adjustments
  • Electronic overspeed switch (EGS) with 2 relay outputs and integrated system check function