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Thousands of crane systems around the world use encoder systems from Johannes Hübner Giessen every day to reliably monitor rotational, crane and hoist travel speeds as well as positions. No matter if you are handling container goods or bulk material, STS cranes, RTGs, RMGs or slewing cranes – we know the special requirements placed on crane applications, so we are able to offer you our accumulated expertise gained from more than 80 years serving heavy industry.

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We offer solutions for high precision speed and position monitoring on drives fitted to gantries, hoists, boom hoists and trolleys. Through many of our modernization projects we have been able to contribute towards improving productivity and functional safety as well as simplifying approval procedures following rope replacement and maintenance work. Read more about these and other benefits in our application area.

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Modular universal encoder systems designed to monitor hoists as well as our incremental encoders for measuring motor speeds are proven standards in many crane systems around the world. In addition to tailor-made attachment accessories we also offer a variety of solutions to transmit signals via fiber optic cables as well as safety certified system solutions to implement safety functions up to SIL 3 / PL e.

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