U-ONE ensures higher positioning accuracy and less maintenance time and costs for the RTG

  • Universal encoder system U-ONE replaces inaccurate mechanical cam limit switches
  • EMC safe signal transmission via fiber optic cable
  • Time-saving preset function to make adjustments after replacing the wire rope
  • Easy to extend with additional speed measurement and monitoring functionality

Mechanical cam limit switch for position monitoring at the hoist of a RTG crane.


Mechanical cam limit switches were installed on the drum side of the SISU RTG. Resetting these mechanical cam limit switches, for example after replacing the rope, was extremely time-consuming. Moreover, the switching points no longer fulfilled the accuracy requirements demanded in today’s world. Then there was the customer’s wish to install overspeed protection on the drum side as well as the option to acquire speed data.

The universal encoder system U-ONE reduces maintenance times together with an increase of position accuracy.


The U-ONE® universal encoder system fulfils all of the customer’s requirements. It is possible to carry out minor mechanical modifications on-site to ensure installing the basic unit presents no difficulty. Evaluation electronics in the switchboard provide the desired switching points, overspeed protection as well as speed data. And, thanks to the software included in the scope of supply, switching points and operating ranges are user programmable. Signals between the basic unit and the electronics are transmitted EMC safe via fiber optic cable.

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