Test stand / Motor: Retrofitted SIL certified encoder and mounting solution on a test stand

  • Certified encoder technology
  • Certified mechanical mounting
  • Overall solution from a single source supplier

Overspeed switch EGSHJ 41 from Hübner Giessen including attachment
incorporating fault exclusion for reliable speed monitoring at the test
stand motor.


Starting from an existing non SIL certifi ed speed monitoring solution, a SIL compliant solution including a certified assembly was required to guarantee operational safety.

Schematic sketch of the certifi ed encoder and attachment solution.


The EGSHJ 41 overspeed switch from Hübner Giessen now fulfils the customer’s specifications regarding SIL certified overspeed
protection. Together with the certifi ed mechanical accessories it was possible to realize the assembly incorporating fault exclusion.
The customer benefits from receiving everything from a single source supplier Hübner Giessen.

The schematic sketch shows
• Customer interface (1)
• Safe fl ange adapter shaft (2)
• Safe torque bracket (3)
• Safe overspeed switch EGSHJ 41 (4)
• SIL certifi ed switching outputs (5)
• Additional incremental output (6)

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