Special looper encoders withstand the most extreme of operating conditions in hot roll standsa

  • Subject to high loads from shock, temperature and cooling emulsions
  • Heavy-duty ball bearings with special lubrication
  • Service life increased many times over in comparison with standard encoders
  • Reduced time and costs for maintenance and replacement


Loopers are normally used to control the tension of the metal strip between roll stands. The rotational angle of the looper is measured by an actual-value encoder that is exposed to special demands. The screw down angle up to only about 45° results in a partial load acting on the encoder bearings in conjunction with insufficient bearing lubrication. The encoder is subject to high levels of shock and temperature loads as well as oil/cooling emulsions/water at the place of installation. The standard encoders deployed to date by the customer have not reached the service life demanded.


For this application Johannes Hübner Giessen developed a special looper encoder, which boasts a considerably longer service life thanks to especially designed-in features. It has oversized bearings with the dynamic load rating increased by 40% as well as a special radial shaft sealing ring with additional protective lip. To guarantee the best-possible signal quality the bearings are not primarily designed for high speeds, but rather for high shock loads up to 450g. The min. degree of protection is IP66 / IP67 with an operating temperature range up to 100 °C.

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