Hot Rolling Mill / Screw downs: Replacing of old resolver technology

  • Assembly of hollow shaft absolute encoder ASSH 60 K-16 / 50P (SSI interface)
  • Improved final quality of the rolled material due to increased thickness accuracy
  • Direct assembly to the screw down spindle

Before: The old resolver transducer


The customer needed to replace the old resolver technology to
improve the thickness control precision and thereby, the material
quality. For this purpose they attempted a solution using a
linear transducer, which did not give satisfactory results due to
its mechanical weakness.

Finally, they came to the conclusion to use a high resolution
absolute encoder suitable for heavy duty applications.

After: Hollow shaft absolute encoder type ASSH 60 K-16 / 50P with
torque bracket (directly mounted)


Due to the required robustness, a hollow shaft absolute
encoder model ASSH 60 K-16 / 50P with corresponding torque
bracket was chosen.

The SSI interface with a resolution of 16 bit provides highly
accurate signals for the thickness control.

At the customer‘s request, the Hübner Giessen engineering
department helped in the design of the mounting materials,
which were produced by themself.

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