Replacing mechanical cam limit switches at the screw downs (rolling mill) increases precision and lowers costs

  • Simple programming & presetting
  • Additional real-time position data (4 – 20 mA)
  • Hübner Giessen upgrade service
  • Direct attachment without distribution gears

Before: Distribution gears and mechanical position switch.


The customer wanted a 1:1 replacement of the existing mechanical solution. There were several reasons behind this:

  • Higher precision required
  • Spare parts no longer available
  • Reduce costs by stocking less spare parts
  • Additional current output for real-time position data

After: Directly attached electronic position switch ERC 40 with an additional current output for up-to-date position monitoring.


Setting the switching points was difficult with the obsolete mechanical solution. This is much simpler with the ERC 40. It enables the customer to move the screw downs to the desired position for a switching point – and then transmit the information to the software by drag & drop. As the data is stored in the ERC 40 and can be stored on the PC the customer is able to simply copy previously set switching points as required to further devices. Storing the reference position and preset configuration makes it possible to reference the ERC 40 along with the application, for instance after changing rolls. Eliminating the need for distribution gears combined with the higher precision of the ERC 40 has significantly increased the accuracy of the whole system. The current output (4 – 20 mA) of the ERC 40 also supplies additional real-time position data.

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