Higher accuracy and less comissioning time by retrofitting mechanical to electronic position switches

  • Less setup and maintenance time
  • Direct mounting without distribution gear
  • Higher switching accuracy
  • Additional real-time position data

Before: Mechanical cam limit switches limit movement and end positions on hoisting and slewing gear.


Replacement of existing mechanical cam limit switches limiting the end position of movable plant components on a large conveyor bridge in open-pit mining. This is intended to eliminate the following problems:

  • Inaccurate switching points due to backlash and hysteresis
  • High maintenance, installation and start-up times with standstill and disruption to the value creation chain
  • Mandatory inspections require a lot of time and effort
  • High costs for backup devices and maintenance
  • Lack of approval for safety functions in line with current standards and directives

After: Electronic position switch ERC 40 replaces mechanical cam limit switches.


Electronic position switch ERC 40 enclosed in robust housing for use in extreme ambient conditions. The new solution offers customers the following benefits:

  • Higher switching accuracy when approaching end position limits
  • Less downtimes
  • User-friendly calibration via preset input
  • Save and import parameter data sets
  • Time-saving safety check (switch test function)
  • Additional real-time position data (4 – 20 mA output)
  • Reduced type variety and costs for backup devices
  • Integrated status monitoring (temperature, speed, voltage, system limits and so on) with active signal output for time-saving identification in the event of a fault condition

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