EGS® 41, flange/foot construction from 0,5 rpm, with SIL 2 certificate

Construction Flange (B5) or flange/foot (B35)
Shaft diameter 11 mm or 14 mm
Power supply Externally supplied
Supply voltage range 12 V to 30 V DC,
optional 10 to 240 V AC
Electrical connections Terminal box
Number of switching speeds 2 (Type EGS® 41 K)
4 (Type EGS® 41 KK)
Switching speed range 0,5 to 5400 rpm
Setting range Whole switching range (programmable)
Programming interface Mini-USB
Switching voltage/current max. 30 V DC, max. 500 mA
Optional switching voltage/current 30 bis 230 V AC/DC, max. 250 mA
Switching function NC contact
Monitoring of switching function Standard (NC contact)
Underspeed monitoring Programmable switching speed
Function as direction of rotation switch Programmable
Switching hysteresis ON/OFF switching points programmable
Switching delay Programmable (0 to 300 ms)
Integrated incremental encoder Optional (Type EGS® 41 KK),
then only 2 switching speeds available
Pulse rates / output signals See FG 40
Device temperature range -25°C to +85°C
Degree of protection IP 65, IP66, IP 66/67
Weight (approx.) 4 kg
Standard coating RAL 7030
Special design On request

Further information


INDUSTRY: Steel and rolling mills

FIELD: Hot and cold rolling mills

APPLICATION: Protecting personnel / health and safety at work

When operating rolling mills it is imperative to adhere to the Machinery Directive, which includes fundamental safety requirements designed to protect personnel and avoid accidents. As well as safe standstill it also stipulates the function „Safety Limited Speed“ (SLS), which is used, for example, during roll stand maintenance and setup procedures. more