Case story: Side guides / screw downs

Heavy Duty Sensoric

INDUSTRY Steel and rolling mills

FIELD Hot rolling mills

APPLICATION Side guides / screw downs

In hot rolling mills rolling stock is rolled in a malleable state at temperatures above the recrystallisation temperature (steel: 720 to 1260 °C; aluminium: 250-500 °C). This makes it possible to achieve high forming ratios (input to output thickness) of up to 1:250. Typical ingot thicknesses in a hot wide strip mill are 240 mm, while final thicknesses following the rolling process are min. 0.8 mm.


Side guides are used to centre the metal strips upstream of the roll stands. In some cases, mechanical cam switches and/ or absolute encoders are still used for position detection and control. Attachment to the available shaft end of the gearing is a widespread solution. To improve control accuracy and as a consequence the quality of the material the customer desires a directly mounted, compact solution without a downstream transfer box gearing (gear play). For screw downs in thickness control the requirements are the same.

Huebner solution:

The advantage of the modular system U-ONE® from Johannes Huebner Giessen is that just the universal basic device is mounted to the side-guide drive, while the functional modules are housed externally in the switchboard. A single fibre-optic cable (FOC) is used for the EMI immune connection (EMI = electromagnetic influences), a solution that offers considerable savings with regard to cabling time and costs. The system is programmed via a central USB interface. Thanks to the series plug-in function modules and low-cost spare parts the system is easy to extend.


System U-ONE® basic device and functional modules:


  • Fibre optics decoder UO-EM-D2
  • PROFIBUS absolute encoder UO-EM-AMP
  • Electronic position switch UO-EM-ERC
  • Incremental encoder UO-EM-FG4

Customer benefits

  • Compact, space-saving solution
  • No transfer box required
  • FOC signal transmission against electromagnetic influences (EMI)
  • Electronics housed in switchboard
  • Easy to program

Certified quality

TÜV PROFIZERT - Zertifikat DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

Known Consignor (LBA)


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